Friends of Columbia Gorge Physical Therapy

Friends of Columbia Gorge Physical Therapy

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Columbia Gorge Physical Therapy Team (Miracle Workers)

Skier TestimonialWith help from the entire team at Columbia Gorge Physical Therapy, we were able to accomplish the Everest goal I set months ago; to regain full foot strength and alleviate all pain so I could return to the activities that represent a large part of my lifestyle; biking, hiking, trail running, skiing…. SKIING ?

In the early stages of my recovery I had mentally written off skiing and running for the long term. And, today I am training in preparation for what will become the best winter my life.

This is huge, considering the fact that I could hardly walk 6 months ago, was not wearing shoes, and was bearing very little weight on my left foot.

These physical gains cannot compare to the psychological and spiritual growth I’ve experienced during this period in life, because I believe physical healing really starts in the mind.

Progressive Wins That Supported My Journey

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  • Showing up to PT every time, training in between appointments, & taking action based on suggestions.
  • Walking in shoes pain free ?
  • Running my first 5K in over a year.
  • Cool Creek Trail, 8 Mile Hike, 3000 feet elevation gain.

A Meditation on Feet

Feet are the foundation of our physical Being, of which our mind, body and Spirit stand upon. I smile into each step, appreciate my bodies motion, listen to and respect all messages sent to my mind from my feet; pain, flow, strength… I let go of tension, and welcome spontaneous events in life with joy. My feet are well, and they are welcomed on my joyful journey.

Some Mantras I Carried With Me During My Recovery and Still to This Day

  • Each step is transformational healing.
  • Stronger with each step.
  • Just breathe, and let go of tension.
  • Give your body permission to rest and heal.
  • Pain is just a message that it is time to rest: recovery energy, solitude, time.